Womb Dance

The work-safe, far-less-good version of the NSFW VOID-DANCE


The solution of the problem of life is seen in the vanishing of the problem. Is not this the reason why those who have found after a long period of doubt that the sense of life became clear have then been unable to say what constituted that sense?

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921)

Comic strip by R. Crumb (1967)

Kurt just made it seem so easy. He could come up with amazing things every time he picked up a guitar. And he could walk into a room and pick up something like a breakfast tray and just tap it around and in 10 minutes he’d be doing something musical with it that would knock you out. I was completely in awe of the guy. He just made it seem so, so easy. When I started writing stuff it was like – wait a second – why can’t I do what he did?

Dave Grohl

Interview, 1997

Music: Ain’t It a Shame

Written by Lead Belly

Kurt Cobain, vocal
Mark Lanegan, guitar
Krist Novoselic, bass
Mark Pickerel, drums

Nirvana: With the Lights Out


If you have a music playlist on your Tumblr, do not set it to play automatically whenever someone visits your site.

Most of us are already listening to iTunes, or watching television, or trying to discretely goof off at work. Being forced to turn off your music - repeatedly, if we’re browsing your Archive - is a disincentive for return visits to your otherwise excellent site.

Art by MisterIngo: Bunnies Do Scream

i met a genius

I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it’s not pretty.

it was the first time I’d

Charles Bukowski

Burning in Water Drowning in Flame (1974)

Photo by Tom Chambers